Winter in mallorca is the perfect time to lace up your walking shoes and get walking

The view from Puig de Maria in Pollenca Mallorca, out over Mallorca town in November 2023 - a great walk!

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There’s a reason why outdoor enthusiasts flock to Mallorca even in winter – the year round mild climate, wonderful and varied scenery and plethora of walking trails and bike lanes make it the perfect place to spend a day outdoors using whatever mode of transportation takes your fancy. Personally, I’m very fond of putting on my walking shoes and going for a hike, and the winter months are the best time in my opinion to get outside and enjoy this glorious island and all it has to offer.

The weather is still mostly glorious, but cooler temperatures mean you won’t expire from heat exhaustion half-way through your walk! Forests, hills, mountains or beach – take your pick of where you want to wander and get moving.

When I first arrived in Mallorca I found some hiking groups on Facebook which were a great way of meeting new people, and also introducing me to some areas I might not have thought of to walk in.

A favourite place I discovered via one group is a walk above the sea in Betlem.

I’d never been to this area before and Betlem is a real undiscovered gem, very quiet and quite traditional with regard to its architecture as it isn’t an area that sees a lot of tourism. It's quite, quaint and full of charm - well worth a look.

The views out over the water were also wonderful with the normally calm sea being quite turbulent, on the day, making the views even more dramatic. The image on the right was taken on that walk and you can just see how glorious it is.

There were also several intrepid rock climbers braving some of the rocky cliffs above the path causing a few gasps from the passers by below as they dangled and swung (I think I'll stick to walking - it looks less strenuous!)

Walking along the cliffs in Betlem Mallorca December 2023 - the view is amazing!

Walking, whether a stroll through a town or a more ambitious climb in the hills, is a great way of becoming familiar with Mallorca and discovering areas you wouldn’t otherwise spend time in, not to mention the opportunity to admire any number of wonderful Mallorca fincas and gardens.

Strolling on the beach during the cooler months is also a more relaxing way of getting outside and getting some exercise and much needed vitamin Ds. In most areas dogs are allowed on the beaches in the off season, so you can watch joyful canines of all sizes running around in a frenzy and chasing balls into the sea. I quite often stop at a café for a coffee just to enjoy the sight of all the mad dogs running around (with their owners frantically running after them!)

Mallorquin beaches are obviously a lot quieter in the off season, so you can easily walk in areas which are normally knee deep in sun loungers and sand castles.

Christmas day on Alcudia beach I was even able to walk in the water and I could still feel my feet at the end of the day (the sea was surprisingly warm though you did have to dodge the jelly fish!)

Bird lovers can also have a field day by either walking or cycling through some of the wetland areas.

I have downloaded the Merlin app on my phone and use it to identify all the different bird calls I hear when I’m out and about (and in my garden as well) which to my surprise I find both fascinating and educational – I never thought I’d be in danger of becoming a twitcher!

There are a plethora of birds to be found in Mallorca, and the Albufera Nature Reserve near Can Picafort in Alcudia, which plays host to around 17,000 different species of birds, is a particularly brilliant play to spend time and a great day out for all the family.

A moody winter sky in Alcudia Bay Mallorca January 2024

It covers around 1,700 hectares so there is plenty to explore and enjoy and it’s a very peaceful place with nothing but the sound of the wind in the trees and rushes, and the call of birds.

When I do feel like going for a hike in the weekend, I usually decide on an area I want to go to then load up Wikilocs on my phone and check out suitable walks in the area I want to go to deciding on how challenging I want the hike to be and how long. Wikilocs is genius – it guides you through the entire hike, warning you when you have gone off the path (very useful when you have no sense of direction!) call of birds.

It also covers bike routes. Seriously, this app gives me the confidence to try pretty much any walk without fear of ending up totally lost miles from anywhere, so I highly recommend it.

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