so, you want to move to mallorca - are there any good reasons not to?

Sea, sky and clouds on a winter's day in Alcudia Bay, Mallorca

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So, you are considering making the big move to Mallorca. Here are some of the pros and cons to help you make that momentous decision.

It’s pretty natural, when on holiday in a glorious location like Mallorca, to wonder, whilst lazing on the beach admiring a cloudless sky (not something you see a lot of in England) to wonder what it might be like to make this magical island your permanent home. When you are strolling to a café or bar of a evening, for a copa de vino rosado, you stop and gaze in the nearest estate agent’s window and dream…

But some of us, at some stage, make that decision, whether consciously or unconsciously, to step over that line and make the dream a reality.

We might be the batshit mental ones, but sometimes you need to give yourself a kick up the bum and try and actually live the dream, however daunting it may seem.

After all, no one ever said on their death bed they wish they’d spent more time shivering in a terraced house in winter.

Covid did a number on everyone – months of being locked up in small, British homes with little outside space, going quietly cuckoo seeing the same people every day (or no one at all).

Any number of people basically thought sod this and decided to find a better way of living.

After all, life really is short, and the thought of moving to an island where you don’t need to see Boris Johnson’s face on the TV every day, or contemplate turning on the heating in the middle of summer is really tempting.

And in Mallorca you have… the mediterranean sea! White-sand Caribbean-worthy beaches. Blue skies! Stunning mountains. Cheap alcohol! Happy smiling faces! A mild climate! Great roads and little traffic. .

And a far more laid-back way of life (which can take a bit of getting used to but you have to learn to go with the flow… and not start screaming if no one answers your emails for a week!)

You have to learn to slow down and smell the jacarandas (or watch the geckos cavorting)

Every day is a perfect day to dry your washing in Mallorca!

OK, it isn’t all quaffing wine and glorious sunsets.

The cost of living has shot into the stratosphere and you will find yourself muttering “how much??” under your breath every time you go to the supermarket.

You’re living on an island with water shortages so you learn to be very careful with water and think twice before you leave that tap running!

And the Spanish bureaucracy… I swear, at least 50% of the Spanish population is employed in some sort of paperwork generating job which is designed to make your life miserable.

And then there's the property market which is… interesting… and expensive (if you have kids who want to make a lot of money when they grow up, they should consider becoming a real estate agent in Mallorca - there are very few jobs that pay as well (especially ones that are pretty darn easy to do well!)

But as people often say to me – this is the price of living on a glorious and desirable island.

And almost all expats here have no desire to go back to England or any other country they came from.

Families come here to give their kids a better lifestyle – outdoor living, sport, a good education through the opportunity to move through the European Baccalaureate programme.

Retirees come here to live out their later years in the warmth (so much nicer on arthritic joints) and make the most of the great healthcare system.

Digital nomads come here because… they can!

Technology has given so many people the opportunity to work in different places, so why not come and live on an island where you can go swimming in the sea before breakfast, do a few hours leisurely work (not too much mind) then nip out in the evening for a walk on the beach, an invigorating game of padel (which everyone seems to play).

Or just a drink and a chat in the local square.

Sitting on the terrace at the Hotel Illa D'Or in Puerto Pollenca Mallorca looking out across the bay

Yep, it’s certainly not hard to see the appeal of living in Mallorca!

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