Mallorca - The Island Where Everyone Knows Your Name (And Americans Love It Here!)

A moody day and sky in Portixol, Palma Mallorca in May 2022

In this blog we take a look at the reasons why in recent years, the sunny shores of Mallorca have become a beacon for American homebuyers seeking more than just a picturesque European getaway.

This idyllic island in the Mediterranean, which has long attracted celebrity buyers like Michael Douglas, Claudia Schiffer, Bradd Pitt and many more, is witnessing a noticeable uptick in interest from across the Atlantic, with more affluent Americans than ever before choosing to plant roots in its rich soil. Several agents have reported a threefold increase in enquiries over the last year.

This burgeoning trend reflects a broader shift in how wealthy Americans are reevaluating their living situation, seeking out destinations that offer not only beauty and culture but also stability, safety, and a sense of community that feels increasingly elusive back home.

The allure of Mallorca, with its blend of stunning landscapes, vibrant local culture, and relaxed lifestyle, has proven irresistible to many, turning what might have once been a dream vacation spot into a place to call home. As we delve deeper into this phenomenon, it's clear that the appeal of Mallorca extends far beyond its sunny skies and azure waters, resonating with American homebuyers on a level that transcends mere geography.

The Effect On The Mallorca Property Market

The fact that American homebuyers have been increasingly drawn to the island is reflected in the general performance of Mallorca's property market, which has seen considerable growth despite broader economic uncertainties.

In January 2023, the average property price in Mallorca was reported at 3,706 euros per square meter, marking a notable increase from the previous year's average of 3,459 euros per square meter.

But it surpassed that over the year to January 2024 with an increase of 11% to an average of 4,113 euros… and the luxury end of the market actually increased by 15% during 2023.

Such figures underscore the island's resilience and appeal in the real estate sector, attracting wealthy buyers not just from Europe but increasingly from the United States as well.

Why Has Interest Increased For Americans (When Mallorca is Situated So Far From The USA)?

The allure of Mallorca for American buyers is multifaceted. Factors such as the island's natural beauty and climate obviously play a significant role, as does the healthy Mediterranean diet and slow living lifestyle which offers a sharp contrast with the long hours, high pressure, fast lifestyle of professionals in US cities.

The enhanced connectivity with direct flights available from New York and Miami has significantly influenced American homebuyers' decisions to move to Mallorca. The availability of flights with roundtrip prices starting at $610, makes the island more accessible to American residents looking for properties overseas.

The search for safety and stability is another critical factor driving Americans to Mallorca. In contrast to the U.S., where concerns about crime rates, economic instability, and political unrest are prevalent, Mallorca is perceived as a safer and more stable environment. This perception is enhanced by the island's lower crime rates and Spain's stable political climate, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a peaceful and secure lifestyle.

The island's proximity to European capitals is another advantage, making Mallorca an ideal base for Americans who want to explore or conduct business in Europe.

This, along with the island's robust infrastructure and high standard of living, ensures that investments in Mallorca are not just about acquiring property but also about buying into a lifestyle that promises both growth and quality of life.

Mallorca caters well to professionals looking to balance work with the pleasure of living in a beautiful, culturally rich environment.

Beautiful Puigpunyent in Mallorca on a lovely May day looking out from a hotel across a beautiful garden to the hills May 2023

Global Real Estate Companies Supporting American Buyers

This increasing interest of American homebuyers in Mallorca has been significantly supported by the establishment of major US real estate players on the island. A notable example is the expansion of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices into Mallorca, with the acquisition of Nova Mallorca Real Estate. This strategic move, announced in July 2022, signifies a strengthening bridge between American investors and the Mallorquin real estate market.

Partnership like this underscore the island's growing reputation as a hotspot for American buyers looking for luxury, comfort, and a safe investment environment amidst the picturesque backdrop of the Balearic Islands.

Moreover, the island's lifestyle is a blend of laid-back Mediterranean pace and the sophistication of upscale amenities and services, from luxury resorts and spas to high-end shopping and dining experiences, catering to the discerning tastes of American buyers.

Live Longer. Live Better.

Mallorca's lifestyle and health benefits are a significant draw for Americans. The island offers a healthier, more relaxed lifestyle with plenty of outdoor activities, fresh local food, and a strong sense of community.

This Mediterranean way of life, characterized by a balanced approach to work and leisure, is particularly appealing to those looking to escape the often-hectic pace of American cities.

The sense of safety, political stability, and high-quality/low-cost healthcare system in Mallorca further enhances Mallorca's attractiveness as a place not just for vacation homes but for permanent relocation for those in search of a healthier, safer lifestyle amidst the turmoil of current global events.

More Bang For Your Buck

From an economic perspective, the cost of property and living in Mallorca presents a viable alternative to the U.S. market.

Although prices in sought-after areas are always on the rise, they still compare favourably to US cities such as Boston, New York and L.A. and are often seen as providing better value due to the lifestyle and amenities available on the island.

The economic factors, coupled with the impact of global affairs, have prompted Americans to consider investing in properties abroad, where their money may go further and contribute to a higher quality of life.

Sound Investment

Lastly, the real estate investment potential in Mallorca is compelling. The market has shown resilience and growth, offering investment opportunities that promise returns in the form of property value appreciation and the enjoyment of owning a home in one of Europe's most desirable locations.

Availability Of Visas

The introduction of the Golden Visa, Non-lucrative Visa, and the Digital Nomad Visa has significantly broadened the horizons for Americans considering a move to Mallorca. Each of these visas caters to different needs and offers unique pathways to residing in Spain, making Mallorca an even more attractive destination for relocation.

The Golden Visa, initiated in 2013, targets investors, entrepreneurs, and expats looking to invest in Spain, offering a quick route to residency through various investment options such as real estate, business projects, or financial investments.

A stroll along Alcudia beach Mallorca in winter with the sea, blue skies and Alcudia in the distance

This visa not only facilitates entry into Spain but also grants access to the Schengen Zone, providing a great opportunity for those looking to invest and reside in Mallorca while enjoying the broader benefits of living within the EU.

On the other hand, the Non-lucrative Visa is designed for individuals who have sufficient means to support themselves without working in Spain, making it an ideal choice for retirees or those who wish to enjoy Spain's lifestyle without engaging in economic activities. This visa emphasizes the requirement of having adequate financial means and not undertaking employment in Spain, ensuring that applicants can sustain their lifestyle in Mallorca without impacting the local job market.

The newly introduced Digital Nomad Visa opens doors for remote workers and digital nomads, allowing them to live in Spain while working for companies based outside the country. This visa is particularly appealing in the current global climate, where remote work has become more prevalent. It offers a structured legal framework for remote workers to reside in Mallorca, contributing to the local economy while continuing their professional activities abroad. The flexibility of starting the application process even while in Spain as a tourist adds to the attractiveness of this option.

These visa options reflect Spain's openness to international residents and its adaptability to the evolving global work and investment landscape. For Americans drawn to Mallorca's enchanting appeal, these visas provide structured pathways to making the dream of living on this Mediterranean island a reality, each tailored to different lifestyles and needs. Whether it's through investment, retirement, or remote work, the opportunities for Americans to integrate into Mallorca's vibrant community have never been more accessible.


All these factors combined create a compelling package that draws American homebuyers to Mallorca, seeking not just a house but a home in a locale that promises beauty, culture, and quality of life unmatched by many other destinations.

For those considering making the move, the blend of enhanced connectivity, safety, economic stability, lifestyle benefits, and investment potential makes Mallorca an increasingly popular choice among American homebuyers. It’s proving particularly popular with people from New York, Florida, Texas and Colorado.

As this trend continues, the implications for Mallorca and its American expat community are profound. The island stands to benefit from the economic and cultural contributions of these new residents, fostering a more diverse and dynamic community. For American expatriates, the move represents a chance to redefine their quality of life, embracing a balance that blends work, leisure, and immersion in a culture steeped in history and natural beauty.

The trajectory of this trend will undoubtedly shape the future landscape of Mallorca's real estate market and community life, signalling a new chapter for both the island and those who choose to call it home. As more Americans are drawn to Mallorca's shores, the bond between these distant places grows stronger, weaving a rich tapestry of shared experiences and mutual enrichment.

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