Come To mallorca and lose yourself in the never ending blue sky

Blue sky and pine trees in Mallorca
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Recently a friend asked me why I like Mallorca so much, and I said “there’s just so much sky!” At which they pointed out there is just as much sky back in England! Sorry, this might be true but it’s just not the same thing.

In Mallorca, as it's less built up the sky just feels more expansive. It'sfrequently blue and cloudless with just the odd blurry trail from a plane.

Or in winter, dotted with soft, low cotton pads of mist.

That endless blue coupled with the sea or a mountainous backdrop makes you feel that the sky is infinite. It lightens your mood and helps you feel you have room to breathe and relax.

Of course, I love the British summer too... It’s my favourite week of the year. 😊

And there is undoubtedly something special about a British summer day. Maybe it’s the scarcity of them that makes them so precious.

I’ve had many a happy afternoon outside in England eating al fresco, reading in the garden, walking in the Lake District or watching tennis, and knocking back a few Pimms, at Wimbledon. These are amongst my fondest memories.

But all too often in the UK you wake up (yet again) to banks of claustrophobic grey clouds which don’t exactly engender a positive attitude.

Whereas, when almost every day is sunny everyone is much more upbeat. The wonderful sky gives rise to a general sense of well-being and gratitude amongst its inhabitants.

Even when there are storms in Mallorca, they’re fascinating to watch (though not a lot of fun to be caught in unprepared…)

The sunsets in Mallorca are stunning – strips of red festoon the sky, and later the moon and stars can be enjoyed, as there is very little light pollution and few clouds to cover up their radiance. Sitting out in the garden of an evening staring up into the vastness, with the muted glow of solar lights around you, listening to some laid back Sonny Rollins, you can drift away and forget the micro stresses of life for a while.

A Mallorca sunset - driving home from the beach to a scarlet striped sky on a winter's day

And then there’s that renowned Mediterranean light – dancing across the sea like a ocean Tinkerbell, leaving dazzling trails of diamonds.

Throwing ever changing light and shade across the Tramuntanas and making even the more ordinary of views and houses seem magical. For the artistic amongst us, Mallorca is an earthly paradise, calling us to pick up a brush or pen and try to put into images or words the glory of the landscape around us, to try and capture a fragment of that amazing light or the beauty of the coastlines.

Small wonder the likes of Picasso, Chopin and Miró chose to live here for periods of their life, with the latter producing some of their greatest works here.

If you too are looking for inspiration in your life, whether artistic or otherwise, Mallorca is a great place to base yourself.

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