Winter and Christmas In Mallorca - a time for family and enjoying downtime

Pollenca town Mallorca at Christmas 2023

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Come October, Mallorca starts to move out of hyper mode and into slumber mode as the tourists begin to depart and the residents start to emerge and enjoy the more peaceful streets and atmosphere (and the fact you can find a car park!)

In fact, October is one of the most pleasant months to be in Mallorca – still warm, but without the crowds so you can enjoy the beaches and strolling through the towns, or just relax in a café or bar and watch the world passing by.

It used to be that out of the high season Mallorca was almost dead in the popular tourist areas except Palma. But due to the increased number of year-round residents, and the fact that more visitors are coming out of season, an increasing number of restaurants and hotels stay open over the winter months.

So, whilst it’s noticeably quieter and more chilled, there is still plenty to do and see, and at an even more relaxed pace!

There is of course the still lovely weather to entice people outdoors. There was no rain in December 2023, so it was a great month for ambling on the beach or taking a walk in nature.

I, for one, was paddling in the sea on Christmas day – it was bracing but still pleasant, and we were able to sit outside in a restaurant in Puerto Alcudia afterwards to have a traditional cortado (espresso with a dash of hot milk). I certainly wouldn’t have been doing that back in the UK!

Christmas day in Mallorca is a more casual affair than in the UK as the Three Kings Day celebration in early January is more of an event (in Spain this day takes place at the end of the 12 Days of Christmas – the day known as the Epiphany and celebrates the three wise men bringing gifts to the baby Jesus).

This is when children traditionally receive their Christmas presents and families celebrate together by exchanging gifts and indulging in an array of traditional food.

If you have a sweet tooth I would recommend trying the Kings Cake (Rosca de Reyes) – a yummy sweet brioche like cake often filled with cream often made in the shape of a crown and decorated with candied fruits and nuts to represent the jewels.

The 3 kings parade in Alcudia Mallorca January 2024

And what a fun family event this is – 2024 was the first year I was able to attend and see one of the traditional parades of the kings which takes place on the eve of the Epiphany, where people line the streets to see the three kings.

These parades take place throughout Mallorca, with the kings and their entourage often arriving by sea on fishing boats in the ports, or via tractor in the towns. It was a great evening, with loads of local families turning out and a jubilant atmosphere.

Palma obviously has the biggest celebration, with floats, parades and other events taking place well into the evening, but it’s celebrated all over the island so it’s easy to find a parade wherever you’re based.

I do recommend attending at least once – it’s fun and the sight of excited children (and dogs) scampering everywhere is definitely cheering and gets you in a festive mood. The Spanish do love a celebration or fiesta (barely a fortnight goes past without something to celebrate) so let your hair down and get involved!

If you too are looking for inspiration in your life, whether artistic or otherwise, Mallorca is a great place to base yourself.

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