Mallorca's Popularity With International Investors Has Continued To Grow In 2023

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Mallorca's Reputation As A Five Star Real Estate Destination Continues To Grow

At the end of October 2023 over one hundred thirty-three of the world's preeminent real estate consultants attended the inaugural Engel & Volkers Private Office global real estate summit on Mallorca including delegates from the USA, South America, South Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, and Europe and Canada to deliberate on global trends and current international real estate markets, with an emphasis on premium locations around the globe.

Ludwig Siegel, Chief Strategy Officer of Engel & Volkers New York City; Hans Lenz, Managing Director of Engel & Volkers in the Mallorca Southwest; Maximilian Stamm, Managing Director and Head of Private Office for Engel & Volkers based in London; and Florian Hofer, Managing Director of Engel & Volkers Balearics, are the hosts of the three-day event.

The occasion was of considerable significance for Mallorca and serves as evidence of the island's standing in the international real estate industry.

"The Americans have a genuine passion for Mallorca," Hans Lenz said. "Although they do not purchase as frequently, they are unquestionably very interested; therefore, this trip is incredible for the Americans to experience Mallorca, and they adore it."

Evidently, Mallorca enjoys a huge worldwide following. Not only is it situated in the Mediterranean, a region of international renown, but it is also exceptionally well-positioned strategically and likely has the most robust and well-connected infrastructure in the area.

Because of its infrastructure, desirable properties, temperate weather, and low crime rate, Mallorca is becoming an increasingly popular destination for an expanding number of nationalities, not only with Europeans and Americans but with wealthy ambitious individuals from all over the world.

The overall situation is exceedingly favourable, considering everything that is currently going on globally.

"If one desires a location in the southern region, specifically in the Mediterranean, equipped with world-renowned facilities such as the Rafa Nadal Academy, hospitals, logistics, safety, and education, as well as an airport, Mallorca is without comparison."

Mallorca: Where Jet Setters Love To Be Seen

Similar to how it has become a hub for charter yachts, the island has also become a centre for private aircraft. Stamm stated, "In both instances, many are departing Mallorca to travel to locations where they can pick up their guests, if they are not staying on the island to begin with.

For instance, one may attend an English-language film or visit a specialist at one of the numerous hospitals, all while enjoying access to world-class golf courses." This is currently a global location. In Europe, it is difficult to find major metropolitan areas that can compete with the offerings of this island.

"It is evident that Mallorca is entering a new era, as evidenced by the surge in house prices, particularly along the coast. However, this trend will inevitably transfer to the land, and I believe that the value of fincas and estates will also increase." "It is unavoidable." "For this reason, we brought the network here," Siegel emphasized.

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