Visit Mallorca in december and enjoy its charms minus the summer crowds

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Christmas in Mallorca - a time of peace, goodwill and balmy weather

With daily average highs of around 16°C and lows of approximately 9°C, the island provides a cool yet pleasant environment at this time of year. While October and November sometimes see more rain (only 3 days total in 2023 with October being amazingly warm), December is drier, and when the sun shines on the the island, especially in the afternoons, it brings a wonderful warmth which usually lasts until the sunset, and the sunsets themselves at this time of year are often spectacular.

Mallorca itself takes the opportunity to stretch and doze through the winter months, in order to recharge its batteries before the tourists come flooding back in at the start of the next season, so if you are looking for a quieter time to visit, with fewer people and a number of still pleasant days temperature wise, this is the time to come.

In this blog post, we'll explore the wonders of Mallorca in December, a magical time when the island comes alive with festive cheer and fascinating Christmas markets full of tempting Mallorcan goodies.

A festive climate

Contrary to the pre-Christmas frenzy in northern Europe, Mallorca remains delightfully relaxed and chilled at this time of the year. The holiday season is a low-key affair, with none of the stress associated with queuing to buy the last remaining ‘must have’ toy or rushing to the supermarket to purchase last minute brussel sprouts.

The bright sunny weather adds a special touch to the festivities with many people taking their boats out and celebrating Xmas day on the water - well, why not!

Christmas and New Year's create a magical atmosphere in Mallorca, with celebrations extending well into January.

Take the opportunity to avoid the crowds and visit the beautifully adorned Palma Cathedral. The Xmas markets and the festive lights in Palma are also well worth at least one visit and the hotels are quieter at this time of year as well with potential bargains to be had.

Mallorca's Christmas celebration includes the arrival of Papa Noel on December 24, a relatively new addition to the Spanish calendar. However, the highlight occurs on the night of January 5th, known as the 12th night, when the Three Kings bring gifts for children. The island embraces this tradition with a massive procession, creating a spectacle worth experiencing..

The Palma Christmas market - twinkling trees and cosy eateries on the streets in Mallorca

From religious celebrations at the beginning of the month to the historic Festa de l'Estandard in old-town Palma, December on Mallorca is a month of vibrant festivals. The year concludes with the entire island ringing in the New Year with parties, fireworks, and the traditional Spanish custom of eating grapes at midnight (as well as imbibing a few alcoholic ones!)

Public Holidays and Closures:

Be mindful of Spain's two early-month holidays: the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on the eighth and the Day of the Constitution on the sixth. Some stores, banks, and businesses may be closed on these days. Many businesses and public facilities like the Green Points (recycling/waste disposal) switch to shorter hours as we discovered when we turned up with a load of furniture to dispose of to find its gates securely locked!

The best activities to be found in Mallorca in December:

December invites you to enjoy wintery walks, either in the mountains or take a leisurely stroll along deserted beaches stopping to watch local dogs playing and zooming across the sand as during the winter months dogs are allowed on the beaches though they are meant to be on a lead. The odd one does manage to slip their leash to enjoy splashing around in the sea!

Golf, tennis, cycling and the very popular Spanish originated game of padel can be played throughout the day without worrying about expiring due to the summer heat.

I recently played at the Son Brull hotel near Pollensa which has to be the most stunning tennis court I’ve ever played on. It was hard to concentrate on the game with the panoramic views around me. And the lunch I had there afterwards was equally memorable!

There are a decent number of hotels that remain open and offer a luxurious mini-break at a more affordable price. We recently stayed at the luxury spa hotel Hospes Maricel just outside Palma for 200 euros a night rather than the usual 350 euros - it was worth it just to use the spa (spas come into their own in the winter months). Sitting on the hotel terrace with a very warm outdoor heater admiring the view was also great though there was a lot of competition for the outside chairs!

On the tennis courts at Hotel San Brull, Pollenca Mallorca - fantastic views there!

In conclusion, Mallorca in December offers a unique blend of festive traditions, pleasant weather, and a relaxed atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for a winter getaway or a lovely, relaxed and less crowded time of year for those of us lucky enough to live here. It's almost much easier to navigate on the roads and find car parking at this time of the year as the traffic is a lot lighter than the summer months.

Thank you for taking the time to read this piece, and we wish you a joyous holiday season wherever you happen to be.

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