10 Reasons To Use A Property Buying Agent In Mallorca

Elegant honey hued stone houses in Pollenca town Mallorca December 2023

Buying property in Mallorca can be an exciting adventure, but it's not without its challenges, especially if you're from overseas.

The real estate market can be very tricky with lots of unscrupulous agents, underhand dealings, problems with illegal building works not to mention the complexities with different types of land, permissions you may have to obtain and what you may be allowed to do with them.

It can be a real minefield. That's where an independent property buying agent comes in, and here's why working with one can be a game-changer making everything easier and saving you a considerable amount of time, money and stress.

And yes, admittedly we may be biased, but here are 10 solid reasons why using an independent property buying agent in Mallorca makes sense.

They Know The Lay Of The Land

A good buying agent is like a local expert you wish you had as a neighbour. They're knowledgeable about the Mallorquin real estate scene, including property values, trends, and legal regulations so they can steer you clear of the rookie mistakes and help you make savvy decisions.

Market Insights

A buying agent represents you and your interest not those of the seller like an estate agent does.

A buying agent can provide valuable insights into specific areas and neighbourhoods in Mallorca, helping buyers choose locations that align with their preferences, lifestyle, and investment goals (not just the ones where estate agents want to sell you a property).

They can give you the inside scoop on which areas match your criteria, whether you're into tranquil villages life or a buzzing coastal scene, helping you find the right property, not the one the estate agent wants to sell you.

Experienced Negotiators

Let's face it; negotiating isn't everyone's strong suit. Skilled agents are adept at negotiating with sellers on behalf of overseas buyers. They can secure favourable terms, potentially saving you both time and money.

Legal Contacts And Knowledge Of the Process

The process for property transactions in Mallorca is likely to be very different from what you are used to and it can be confusing.

Agents can recommend trusted competent legal professionals.

They can supervise the legal conveyancing process, making sure it progresses in a timely fashion (and doesn’t drag on for months).

A row of recently built Mallorcan houses in Moscari built from traditional stone
Amazingly, this is actually a real photo of Moscari, not a CGI 😊

Visa Assistance

For overseas buyers looking to relocate to Mallorca, agents can provide guidance on visa requirements.

They can recommend trusted visa specialists and work with them on the application process. This ensures that the process runs smoothly and you don’t pay over the odds for the service. You can pay anywhere from 1000 euros to 25,000 euros for the same service.

It pays to know where to go.


Say goodbye to endless online property searches and scheduling viewings.

Agents handle all the legwork, narrow your search down to 3 or 4 properties, letting you focus on the fun parts of your property adventure.

And hiring such an agent means you can avoid expensive wasted trips to view unsuitable properties.

Risk Mitigation

Agents act as a safeguard against potential pitfalls and scams. Their experience and knowledge help buyers avoid common mistakes and make sound investment choices.

Access to Off-Market Properties

Independent property buying agents often have access to a wide network of contacts both personally and in the real estate industry.

This can grant buyers access to off-market properties that are not publicly listed.

Customized Guidance

Agents tailor their services to the unique needs and goals of each buyer.

Whether it’s a vacation home, retirement property, or investment opportunity, they can align their approach accordingly.

Peace Of Mind

Perhaps the most significant benefit is the peace of mind that comes with having a professional advocate working on your behalf.

Buyers can trust that their interests are protected throughout the buying process.

In a nutshell, enlisting an independent property buying agent in Mallorca is a smart move.

View out over S'Arraco, Illes Balears

They’ll make your property adventure more enjoyable, ensure you’re on the right side of the law, and help you find the perfect place to call home or invest in this stunning island paradise.

In short, they will save you time, stress and money

PLUS… when you factor that it doesn’t have to cost you anything – why wouldn’t you choose to work with one?

If you like to discuss how we can help you, please feel free to get in touch.

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